The Techno cities of the future

My series Until This Last takes place in a post climate change world where the elites control the 131 underground cities which comprise what is left of the US. There is no more pretending by them that they support a democratic society. Indeed, their past history reveals that the US was always a socialist country, but only for them, as they made their fortunes on the backs of the rest of us and escaped paying taxes.

Along these lines, as I’ve been researching how many of the very rich are building bunkers to survive…

In 1947 after a UFO supposedly crashed near Roswell, the Truman top brass are said to have formed nothing less than a government within a government to manage the ET situation. One that would sustain itself from presidential administration to presidential administration, regardless of what political party was in power.

In 1941 it is reported a UFO crashed near Cape Girardeau, Missouri and there were civilian witnesses.

After that, one crashed near Roswell New Mexico in1947, and more witnesses came forward.

All of these witnesseses have said our government has concrete proof of extra-terrestrial life. They have pieces of alien craft and in both cases where craft crashed, they retrieved bodies both dead and alive.

A Universe of Possibilities

Humans approach their problems from a variety of different perspectives and we are a single species. Imagine what a diverse group of non-human species might have to say.

The first question I want to ask our UFO visitors is what are your intentions?

Their intentions will probably be quite diverse, since I think they’re as varied as we are. I really liked the movie The Phenomenon because one of the messages was, “take care of your Earth or else.”

I started my adventure into the realm of science fiction because, like this group of visitors, I saw the effects of climate change as one of humanity’s biggest problems.

This journey took me full throttle from climate change towards the technology that is currently being demonstrated by alien craft, and the thought that perhaps they have access to a clean power source which could…

I’ve always been intrigued by the Mandela Effect. The Mandela Effect is when a group of people remember things in quite a different way to another group and both of them believe they’re right.

I believe we in the US are currently undergoing the Mandela Effect. I’m an avid amateur physics sleuth and science fiction writer, so when I saw this headline in Vice a few days ago, a light bulb went off.

U.S. Navy Has Patents on Tech It Says Will ‘Engineer the Fabric of Reality’

I immediately put my sleuth’s hat on and found out that these patents are in fact based around the work of Salvatore Cezar Pais. Don’t even bother…

Kim Stanley Robinson’s book Ministry for the Future is a must read. It’s a very long book and I’m not sure it’s really a novel. However he’s such a major writer that he can play around with the form in whatever way he wants. A kind of Picasso whose shown the world he can draw and paint anything he wants. He’s now at the point in his career where he can blend fiction and non fiction successfully, and write a kick ass, incredibly important, well-written plan for how we avoid the god awful effects of climate change. …

If you believe like I do that perhaps the future really does hold a Galactic Federation as I try and describe in my speculative novels, I’d recommend Linda Moulton Howe’s Wednesday night Youtube show. It doesn’t cost anything to be a subscriber, just a sign in.

Also, don’t be put off by the cats Chocolate and Fluffy who are always featured at the beginning , since I know not all of us are cat lovers. I personally do like cats, but my husband can’t stand them. I have an outdoor one and it likes birds and so does my husband…

I came across this today and it’s just wonderful.

I became intrigued with quantum physics eight years ago. Since I’m a novelist and social scientist, I was obsessed with trying to put all of the concepts so beautifully described above into the format of a readable novel. Unlike Assimov or Lem I was batting around in the dark of considerable scientific ignorance.

I have eschewed science my whole life and hated chemistry and biology in school. Remember bunsen burners? Remember cutting up frogs? Well you know what I mean. I never made it to physics. …

Well the last episode of Being Seen has now been produced and broadcast by HarleyandCo. It will be sad to say goodbye until next season to its host Darnell Moore. The man whose voice you crave, and which runs across your inner ear like smooth, smoky bourbon.

Every episode has brought a unique perspective on the amazing talent that lies within the Black artistic community.

As a science fiction author, I’m intrigued by many aspects of science and technology which never reach the eyes and ears of most people. Once I’ve absorbed the theoretical aspects of a piece of contemporary research in science or physics, I try and flesh it out into a novel format.

In my first book The Burning Years I explore the idea of nuclear fusion technology to power my living spacecraft as it travels to Proxima Centauri.

Included in my second and third manuscripts, are references to zero-point energy and the use of the Casimir effect to create propulsion for my…

“I’d never seen two Black people in love like that. They were beautiful like that. That was brown like that.”

In this time when we are all struggling to make sense of the abusive, divisive rhetoric that is cynically being used to separate us from each other, listening to Being Seen with its host Darnell Moore, is like taking a warm bath in the mythical water of life. Being Seen is essentially about how we are seen and how we see ourselves.

The podcast is an exploration of our ability to change bias and perception using the power of storytelling…

Felicity Harley

writer. student of the human condition & psyche. grounded by family, garden and good wine.

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