In 1947 after a UFO supposedly crashed near Roswell, the Truman top brass are said to have formed nothing less than a government within a government to manage the ET situation. One that would sustain itself from presidential administration to presidential administration, regardless of what political party was in power.

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A Universe of Possibilities

Humans approach their problems from a variety of different perspectives and we are a single species. Imagine what a diverse group of non-human species might have to say.

PHOTO BY | Alt-by-Stellar

The first question I want to ask our UFO visitors is what are your intentions?

TTSA Craft Concept Image of a revolutionary craft concept shown during a TTSA livestream presented by former Skunk Works Program Director for Advanced Systems Steve Justice.

Trifid Pillars and Jets
Image Credit: NASA, ESA, Hubble Space Telescope, HLA; Processing: Advait Mehla

Bioengineered Inanna strides into the future, rising like a phoenix out of the Burning Ashes of a planet devastated by climate change

Felicity Harley

writer. student of the human condition & psyche. grounded by family, garden and good wine.

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