Hi Lauren:

Don’t forget Bernie is performing a service to the Democratic Party as are his supporters. We do need African American support and I think you’d agree that it’s critical for us to hear that segment of the party as loudly and clearly as we hear your voices. I haven’t seen a lot of African American voters writing passionately about their support for Bernie, so I’m very much listening to them in other ways.

I hope if Bernie is not the nominee that you will consider the service he has given to the Party, and that you will know that it has immeasurably advanced an idealogy that is not part of mainstream America as yet. However I believe that it can be incrementally in the future, and is very much in the fast forward mode because of his passion, his intelligence and commitment and that of his supporters.

Once again we must get the Senate no matter who the nominee is, and I hope you’ll soon turn your brilliant and incisive pen on Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConell and mostly Susan Collins. There are others as well.

No the war is with Trump not with the DNC and we must win it for the sake of the world, not just for America. I am here out of the country surrounded by Brits and Canadians and they are as concerned about our election as we are. Brits less so since they have an arrogance that comes with being colonialists (admition I am a Brit). Supporters of Brexit whom I encounter here from time to time still believe a market of 60 million people has a chance to negotiate on the global scene.

Anyway not to digress, the eyes of the world are on us and we must defeat Trump no matter which candidate we choose. I truly believe this candidate must include votes from the majority of African Americans. African Americans built the American economy of their backs, and they deserve a much bigger voice and more representation that we currently give them.

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